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TRIO per due flauti e fagotto

Saverio Mercadante

The trio for two flutes and bassoon is the only example of composition for this group of instruments, considering the catalogue of the eleven trios composed by Mercadante –assumably- during his years as student at the Conservatoire in Naples. So far, this piece has been transmitted as autograph inside a bundle without date and has been considered uncomplete. A careful analysis of the witness led to an opposite theory, which has been illustrated into this critical edition: the introduction of this edition describes the context of the Neapolitan school and its repertoire, especially that addressed to the trio, considered as the perfect group of instruments which produces the highest effect related to the poor compositional means. This edition enriches the catalogue for two flutes and bassoon by Mercadante and has the merit to enhance the Italian chamber music repertoire of the early XIX century, often neglected (by the Italian authors) or criticized (by non Italians) on behalf of the opera.