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QUARTETTO IN MI MINORE for flute and strings

Saverio Mercadante
Critical edition by Mariateresa Dellaborra

This previously unknown quartet, which does not explicitly specify its destination for the flute but whose idiomatic writing points undoubtedly to this instrument, offers a totally unprecedented view of Mercadante, since for the first time he has abandoned the brillant writing characteristic of his previous five quartets, and draws closer to the concertant style, thus aligning himself with the coeval European trends.

This change in style and more complex approach could correspond to the progress in his studies at the conservatory, marking his passage (1816) from the lower to advanced courses, which he attended under the guidance of Nicola Zingarelli. Many points of interest can therefore be found in this composition, which has four movements (Grave assai – Allegro; Minuetto; Largo; Rondo. Agitato) in which contrapuntal episodes are alternated with the usual virtuoso passages on the flute, which in the last movement hints at Rossini.