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Opere manoscritte per tastiera, autentiche e di dubbia attribuzione

Girolamo Frescobaldi
Collana Opera Omnia

This is the last volume in the series Monumenti Musicali Italiani dedicated to Frescobaldi and published in collaboration with the Società italiana di Musicologia. It brings together the composer’s manuscript legacy, focusing mainly on keyboard music and unpublished instrumental or vocal works, authentic pieces or of doubtful attribution. Systematic combing through public and private archives and meticulous philological research have made it possible to present for the first time works by Frescobaldi that are without or with only partial concordances, unknown or unpublished, or versions that are authentic but differing from those already known.

The work consists of three volumes: one of introductory Texts, divided into seven chapters and many sections and subsections, supplemented with a vast array of explanatory notes, numerous tables and reproductions followed by the critical apparati; and two volumes of Music totalling around 500 pages in the usual oblong format, practical for players.

The volume of Texts also contains a CD with the texts in French (complete) and in English (Prefaces). The overall work is made up of over 1000 pages including three rich indices (forms/genres; pieces quoted in the apparatus and in the music scores) and numerous facsimile illustrations.