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MARCHES for orchestra

Luigi Cherubini
Critical edition by Mariateresa Dellaborra

Luigi Cherubini ‘s marches, composed for a variety of celebrative occasions, are published here for the first time in a unitary and organic manner. They were written over the course of thirty years (1797-1825) during a particularly active period on many fronts (the conservatoire, the theatre, the private academies and public events). Considered at the time “the greatest composer in France”, Cherubini puts all his mastery into these occasional pieces which, despite their standard and established topoi, display a marked freedom of invention and singular expression. Besides its intrinsic musical value, this repertoire, whose instrumentation wavers between the classical orchestra and band (due to the notable addition of percussion, woodwind and brass), deepens our knowledge of the composer’s role in a given historical period and context. The circumstances surrounding their composition inform us of his association with important figures of Parisian politics and society, the different geographical areas where he worked either out of necessity or choice, and, last but not least, provide details of historical episodes that still today are often incomplete or blurred.