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LE EDIZIONI GIRARD – Per chitarra e due chitarre

Mauro Giuliani

Published for the first time eighteen unknown works – comprehending 87 pieces as total – by Mauro Giuliani, the most important guitarist and composer of the XIX century. This edition is among the most important discoveries of the guitar repertoire of that period after the years of the musicological rebirth, which took place between the 70’s and 90’s of last century through the complete editions and selected works of the XIX-century composers.

The true story of the six pieces opus 139 will be finally clear: the original title was not 24 Prime Lezioni Progressive Per Chitarra Divise in Quattro parti and it was not Giuliani who provided that title. We will also discover that, most probably, the missing eighteen pieces (through which we have a total of 24 pieces) are right in this volume, as there are the six missing works between number 131 and 136 as well.

The works here published are simple, linear and bright: Giuliani reveals as his genius does not show itself only through complex and long works but also in this little gems in which he leaves a clear mark of his strong and unique personality. This edition is fundamental to complete the catalogue of the great Apulian composer and to know the style of the last years of his life.