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La récreation du guitariste

Napoléon Coste
Revisione e dileggiatura di Andrea Monarda

The title La Récréation du guitariste comes from work opus 51 by Napoléon Coste, renowned French and guitarist of XIX century, in which work we find very interesting pieces at an intermediate performance difficulty: in our book we added also other works by Coste, including marches, preludes and dances which will support the young guitarist through his path to the knowledge of another repertoire by Coste, seeing that his most performed pieces are articulated in more movements or come from the Méthode.


In this publication the fingering has been set taking also into account the one proposed by the author himself, adding those elements needed for a more comfortable performance both home and along with the teacher.


In the book you will find musical gems written by Coste which are really useful not only for your guitar studies but also in preparing exams and music competitions.