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Johann Sebastian Bach – Opere scelte per chitarra

Paolo Cherici

Works for lute, cello suites, French-style works, Italian-style works, Corali by Johannes passion and Matthaus passion.

In the new edition featuring the selected works by Bach transcribed for guitar, the reviser has gathered together his previous transcriptions after revising and updating them in the light of a fresh approach to the technical and musical problems that these pieces present. The main challenge was to find an optimal relation between the writing and the instrument, able to reconcile Bach’s invention with the resources of a modern guitar.

The idea to group the four cycles of compositions, already published in separate editions, within a single volume stems from the conviction that a more extensive overview of Bach’s music promotes a greater stylistic awareness, which is a fundamental requirement in understanding and interpreting even a single piece in an appropriate manner. Having this material available in a single volume also allows an immediate recognition of the possible implications and links that can arise from a comparative analysis of these works.

As well as the four cycles, the edition also includes nine chorales taken from the Passions of Matthew and John that are intended as a sort of pause for reflection along the path of musical exploration that this undertaking aims to propose, through works that represent one of the most important contributions inherited from the musical legacy of the 18th century.


Transcription, revision and fingering by Paolo Cherici