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CORDE E PEDALI. Studi per un approccio alle musiche per arpa del nostro tempo.

Paola Devoti

A book destined for teachers with experience and also for the less expert (the new generations), and for pupils at various levels.

Twenty studies, mostly lasting a maximum of one/two minutes, cover the organological, structural, physical/gestural aspects, necessary to obtain the best acoustic results from the harp in tackling the music of our time.

They are not set in order of difficulty – except for the first pieces, destined for younger students – but are conceived as a concentration of contents and objectives to achieve: “small doses” and “tastes” of knowledge for men and women, in constant evolution and development!

The ultimate aim, seen as a macro-objective, is to master the different competences present in each single study, but above all to have fun while acquiring a working method and the transversal skills fundamental for the shaping of the personality of the pupil.