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Società Italiana di Musicologia

The series covers an intentionally limited period of time and aims to bring attention to the Italian instrumental repertory and some of the figures that created it, giving priority to works that are unknown or, if already known, currently not available in a critical edition.

The composers chosen for the series were particularly well known and appreciated in their own time: Viotti (1755-1824) and Rolla (1757-1841) dedicated themselves almost exclusively to instrumental music and made an important contribution to the enhancement and development of violin technique, both of them being recognized and acclaimed performers themselves, each in a specific geographical context.


Saverio Mercadante (1797-1870) was known in particular for his melodramas, but also showed a keen interest in instrumental music, especially during his years of study at the conservatory in Naples and occasionally while he was director of the same institution.

The series will focus its attention on the cultural epicenters of Paris, London, Milan, Parma and Naples, and each edition will aim to offer a reliable version of the composition that is not merely based on aspects of performance, style or form, but also takes into account sociological and cultural issues linked to the different environments in which this repertory was widespread and appreciated.

The editorial plan foresees the publication of two volumes per year.

Scientific committee

Mariateresa Dellaborra (coordinator); Warwick Lister; Anne Penesco; Marco Uvietta; Pietro Zappalà

Editorial board

Daniele Carnini, Alberto Rizzuti, Marta Tonegutti

Plan of pubblications

Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824)


per violino in la min. W I: 22

per violino in mi min. W I: 16

per violino in Sib magg. W I: 26

Sinfonie concertanti

per due violini in fa magg. W I: 30

per due violini in sib magg. W I: 31


Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841)


per violino in re magg. BI 511

per violino in re magg. BI 512

per violino in la magg. BI 521

per violino in sib magg. BI 524

divertimento in re min. BI 479


in re magg. BI 535


Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870)


per violino in la magg. [1816]

per oboe in fa magg. [1816]

a più strumenti in do magg. [1816]


in do min. [1814]

in la magg.

in fa magg.

in re min.

due sinfonie pastorali

sinfonia caratteristica napoletana

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