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Concerto per violino e orchestra in la maggiore

Saverio Mercadante
Critical edition by Mariateresa Dellaborra

The violin was the instrument that the student Mercadante played in the orchestra of the conservatory and of the Teatro San Carlo, and the composer wrote few attested works for the violin during his years of study, which have reached us incomplete. The composition, proposed here in a critical edition, is dated 1816, following by a year the one that Mercadante named his first violin concerto. The three movements (Allegro maestoso – Largo – Polacca brillante), the brilliant writing characterized by agilities that span the whole range of the instrument, the always pleasing melody, immediately grasped by the listener, and the use of a reduced orchestra in the solo moments are the distinctive features of this work that confirms the style of the composer who was appreciated, among others, by Rossini and Liszt.

The orchestra consists of 2 oboes, 2 horns, violins, viola, cello and double bass.