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Concerto per violino e orchestra BI 521

Alessandro Rolla
Critical edition by Damiano Barreto

The second volume in the series of Italian instrumental music named Concerti e Sinfonie (1780-1840),
published in collaboration with the Società Italiana di Musicologia, features the Concerto in A major BI 521
by Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841), also known as «La Giulietta» due to the use, in the second movement, of
the cavatina taken from Giuseppe Farinelli’s opera of the same name. The work represents a typical
example of the violin tradition that reached its formal and expressive peak in the classical concerto of 18th
century Italy. Written in three movements (Allegro, Cavatina, Rondò) it synthesizes the formulas theorized in
Milan by Giovanni Battista Sammartini and in Padua by Giuseppe Tartini and can be placed alongside
similar contemporary works by Giovanni Battista Viotti and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The series benefits from the support of a Scientific board (Mariateresa Dellaborra – coordinator, Warwick
Lister, Anne Penesco, Marco Uvietta, Pietro Zappalà) and an Editorial board (Daniele Carnini, Alberto
Rizzuti, Marta Tonegutti) that guarantee the faithful restitution of the text in an critical edition.