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Tadini Michele

Michele Tadini graduated from "G.Verdi" Conservatory of Music of Milan in guitar where he studied with Ruggero Chiesa; in composition with Sandro Gorli and Giacomo Manzoni, and electronic music with Riccardo Sinigaglia. Since 1994 he has taught composition and electronic music and given conferences, including seminars at the prestigious Scuola Normale of Pisa. His compositions have been commissioned by and/or performed in many prestigious festivals, like: E.M.S. (Stockholm), Percorsi di musica d'oggi, Milano Musica, Nuove Sincronie, Spaziosuono - Biennale internazionale di musica e architettura (Genoa), Di nuovo musica (Reggio Emilia), Musique italienne (Toulouse), Musica (Strasburg), Regola, Gioco (Milan), Festival Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam), Festival Pontino (Sermoneta), Spoleto, and Mittelfest (Cividale del Friuli). His latest commission is from the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, a piece for choir and orchestra to be premiered in the season 2004/05. He has composed incidental music for theatre productions, as well as music for interactive multimedia installations, film music, and several ballets like: the ballet The Chinese Four Seasons (London, '91), several works for the Teatro Franco Parenti in collaboration with Andreé Ruth Shammah, the music for Le mirabolanti avventure di Walter Ego of Claudio Bisio, 4 tubes for pipes, contrabass flute and didgeridoo, and Per un Soffio, an installation featured in the Festival Regola Gioco '99 (Palazzo Reale, Milan). His music appeared also on CD-Roms, in documentaries, and on Rai Radio 3 (2000-2003). His music is published by Suvini Zerboni, Edipan and Rai Trade. His texts have been published on: Suoni in Corso (Mittelfest), Prisma 01, and as part of the collection of monographs Viaggio all'interno del suono (Teatro Comunale di Monfalcone). He is a member of "AGON acustica-informatica-musica", responsible for all aspects of production, from the studio work to the performance, for numerous projects, including Blimunda, Isabella, Tatjana (Azio Corghi), Concerto grosso and Concertino (Franco Donatoni), Commedia dell'Inferno (Giacomo Manzoni), and the project "Radiofilm per RAIRadio3" in 1994 and 1996 (15 radio operas in all). He is also member of the direction of Tempo Reale (Florence), where he is now collaborating with the department of pedagogy on the development of "Alfabetizzazione musicale per bambini attraverso le nuove tecnologie". He also worked at Tempo Reale on the preparation and performance of Luciano Berio's Cronaca del luogo. Since 2002, he has been is member of PRISMA (Pedagogy and International Research on Aided Musical Systems), a group of composers sharing common aims of research, diffusion, production and education.