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Nicola Sani was born in Ferrara in 1961. He composed several pieces which utilize traditional instruments and also the new digital techniques in sound elaboration. His compositions have been performed in the most important Festivals of contemporary music and electronic art both in Italy and in foreign countries. His pieces have been broadcast by the main international radios, among which RAI, WDR, ORF, SWF, NDR, SFB, RNE. He obtained commissions from RAI, WDR of Cologne, GMEB of Bourges. In 1990 he was awarded with the "Prix Ars Electronica" of Linz, together with the painter and videoartist Mario Sasso, for the realization of the video "Footprint". In 1992 he worked with the producer Michelangelo Antonioni, for whom he wrote the sound-track of the film "Noto-Mandorli-Vulcano-Stromboli-Carnevale".
In 1995 his work "L'Apocalisse" has been recommended at the Italia Prize.
He has been entrusted with the realizazion of the sound image and with the classical music programming of the TV-channel via satellite RAISAT. Since 1993 he has the responsibility of the Electronic Art Department of RomaEuropa Festival. He is a member of the editorial staff of the musicological magazine "Musica/Realtà" and cooperates with the newspaper L'Unità.