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Born in 1949 at Longiano (FC), Paolo Ricci studied at the Pesaro Conservatory with P.L. Zangelmi and with F. Donatoni at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese.

He received his first important affirmation in 1984 by winning the "V. Bucchi" Prize, a prize that he won again in 1988 for his string quartet Recuperi dal silenzio.

During the time that his works were beginning to be performed in various important musical events and festivals (Unione Musicale, Gaudeamus Musicweek, Presencia de Italia en Mexico, Boston University, Aspekte Neue Musik etc.) acknowledgements in numerous international competitions were growing (Concours Européen Musique et Poésie, G.B. Viotti, Guido d'Arezzo, Musica Antiqua Europae Orientalis etc.).

Ricci appeared as seminar guest in 1990 with the prestigious Ensemble Modern of Frankfurt, where his work Après le sommeil, avant le réveil was object of rehearsals, performances and round table discussions. That same year he was invited by the Foundation "Nieuwe Muziek" of Middelburg (NL) to give a lecture about his music. On that occasion several of his works were performed, among which the clarinet quartet Il risveglio, la danza, il grido was a world premiere.

In 1996 the monografic book edited by R. Cresti and prefaced by G. Borio,  Il linguaggio musicale di Paolo Ricci, was published by Miano Editore, Milan. Ricci is also present in the anthologic book Autoanalisi dei Compositori Italiani (Napoli,1992) and there is a biographical profile of him in the "Enciclopedia Italiana dei Compositori" (Pagano Editore,1999).

In 2003 his composition Cinque piccoli pezzi for marimba and doublebass quintet was recorded by the RAI TV under his own direction, and broadcast during "I Concerti di RAI TRE".

Ricci's compositions are published by BMG-Ricordi, Tonos Verlag, Edizioni Suvini Zerboni - Sugarmusic SpA, Edi-Pan among others and have been recorded in several Cds.

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