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Manzoli Andrea

Andrea Manzoli was born at Atri (Teramo) on August 14, 1977. He took his Diploma in Composition at the Conservatory of Music "Nino Rota" at Monopoli, with Marco Della Sciucca. In 2004, he obtained his Diploma in Composition, avec mention très bien, at the Conservatoire National de Région of Strasbourg, and in 2009 took a specialized Diploma in Composition at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, under the guidance of Ivan Fedele.

In 2008, he took his degree, with a First-Class Honours grade, at the end of a two-year second level academic course, in "Musical Disciplines" - "Chamber Music School", at the "G. Braga" State-parified Musical Institute in Teramo.

He also won the IXth edition of the International Composers' Prize, "2 Agosto" at Bologna, with Concertante da Voci, for bass clarinet and orchestra, and the prize for the Concorso "Euritmia" event at Povoletto (Udine) with Trois etudes sur le Tanka, for the Bayan accordion.

Many of his works have been performed by orchestras and ensembles, including the Orchestra Sinfonica "Arturo Toscanini", Orchestra Sinfonica "I Pomeriggi Musicali", Orchestra Sinfonica of Sanremo, the Ensemble du C.N.R. (Strasbourg), "Voix de Strass" (Strasbourg), "Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart", "Algoritmo Ensemble", " I Solisti Aquilani", etc. His works have also been published by Nuova Stradivarius (Milan) and, since 2010, by Sugarmusic SpA - Edizioni Suvini Zerboni. They have been broadcast by Rai 3, Rai-Radio 3 and Radio UNAM.

Andrea Manzoli is also active in the field of applied music, and wrote the scores for the short-metre film "Assassini", directed by Francesco Calandra, as well as for the documentary "John Fante Profilo di Scrittore", directed by Giovanna Di Lello, and the theatre drama "Prometeo Incatenato", produced by Claudio di Scanno.