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Cavalli Francesco


Critical edition by F. Bussi Catalogue number: 7671 Score on Sale

Cavalli very likely composed this work in 1675 presaging his death (occured in 1676). He destined it for his own funeral which, according to the careful and grandiose instructions the composer left behind, took place in St. Mark’s, in the chapel where he had operated for sixty years. Cavalli keeps to the Roman Catholic liturgy and sets to music six of the nine traditional parts of the Ordinarium Mass. The autograph of this Mass, and all eventual autograph copies done by the author, are lost. At present there are five surviving copies from different times. The one closest to the autograph, well conserved, is kept at the Musikabteilung of Sächsische Landesbibliothek in Dresden. The other copies are in Berlin, Vienna, Münster and Venice.


Critical edition by F. Bussi Catalogue number: 10945

This volume, published by Gardano in Venice in 1675 comprises: Vespero della B.V.Maria with five Psalms and a Magnificat, Vespero delle domeniche with thirteen Psalms and a Magnificat, Vespero delli Cinque Laudate with five Psalms and a Magnificat and meets the liturgical demands of Vespers of the S.Mark in Venice, where Cavalli was music director from 1668 to his death. This collection is dedicated to the doge of Venice, Nicolò Sagredo. The critical edition by Francesco Bussi was carried out on the basis of the complete copy of the Vespers (1675) preserved at the Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale in Bologna.